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"I will never vote to make the vulnerable defenseless." Michael G. Thomas is endorsed by Firearms Owners Against Crime, an all-volunteer group based in Pittsburgh, PA. The FOAC voter guide can be found here:


— Firearm Owners Against Crime

I urge you to vote for Michael Thomas, and here is why.

I grew up in the NE Ohio/Western Pennsylvania region, but I've spent the past few years living and working in China. This background tells me that we need new thinking and real solutions for the people our little corner of this great land.

We do not need extreme prescriptions like what I witness in China on a daily basis. Before living here I would never have considered myself a Libertarian. But recently I've seen what an over-empowered government can do when it  has no restrictions on its power.

On the other hand, a totally ineffective government isn't what we need either. By ineffective, I don't only mean the runaway inflation and skyrocketing crime that we have seen recently. I also mean those longer trends, those decades of neglect we've suffered in Pennsylvania and Ohio due to our leaders squandering the hard work of generations of working-class people when they outsourced our jobs overseas.

Many are losing faith. Some are even talking about a national divorce. I think we all know that this outcome will not benefit any of us.

So what can we do? We're just ordinary people, right?

Well, in the military, I learned that the solution to big problems is leadership. So I say, that's where we start. New leadership.

We get behind a positive, unconventional, grassroots, bottom-up campaign of regular citizens like you and me. Every day people don't want to be prisoners to either of the big parties, both of which have made a living out of letting us down.

My friend Michael and I have exchanged millions of words in debates and discussions. I know how he thinks, what he thinks, and what he can do. That's why I'm confident he has what it takes to start this process, the process of citizens taking back control of the statehouse. Decisions there should be made in our interests, not big companies who ship our jobs abroad or politicians who get our votes but don't give us anything in return.

If you're looking to make your vote mean something this time, cast your ballot for Michael Gabe Thomas. And let's start to make things better for our people in our little corner of the world.

Rahman Smith

— Rahman Smith

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