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Does it seem like every cycle, our elected leaders become more polarized, defining themselves less by core principles and more by their hatred for the other side? We see legislation passed--or obstructed--based on bumper sticker slogans and fundraising soundbites, without really thinking through or planning for its consequences. The only time the major parties seem to agree on anything is when it's a proposal that enriches the donor class at the expense of the working class. We need leaders who:

  • Are not  beholden to a party Whip;
  • Will speak up for working Pennsylvanians in the face of government overreach; and
  • Will be a  voice of sanity, pushing to do the unglamorous work of soberly analyzing policy tradeoffs to make government work.


Defend the Guard legislation would prohibit a Pennsylvania's National Guard units from being deployed into active combat without a formal declaration of war by Congress, as provided by the U.S. Constitution.

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Economic Recovery

Pennsylvania ranks 41st out of 50 in post-COVID unemployment and 45th out of 50 in post-COVID economic recovery. Meanwhile, District 1 has the poorest zip code in PA, and by some estimates in all of the United States. (Read More)


  • Why did Western Pennsylvania have fewer COVID antibody infusion centers than neighboring regions in Ohio and New York?

  • Why were there shortages of life-saving COVID therapeutics in Pennsylvania, but not Ohio? Where were the oversight hearings to spot and fix the problem?

  • Without investigating & fixing the drug shortage problem, how long until this happens again?

  • Why was our legislature so bitterly divided over the COVID nursing home order that they were unable to effectively exercise their oversight authority & reverse it as soon as the body counts started skyrocketing?

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Affordable Medication

Let’s use Pennsylvania's existing cannabis dispensary system to make affordable off-patent medications, such as insulin and epinephrine auto-injectors, available to Pennsylvania families at affordable prices. (Read More)


Read the Bills Act will ensure that bills are read prior to votes. (Read More)


I support responsible firearm ownership and will never vote to make the vulnerable defenseless. (Read More)

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